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Call for Participants



Please Note: Whilst this research is coming to an end, I am still very much interested in hearing from people individuals about the following.

Across the world many religious and cultural traditions use food to commemorate and connect with the dead. Food customs that acknowledge the livings’ relationship with the dead are practiced both publicly in ceremonies and privately, at home in the kitchen. Food can provide the opportunity to explore elements of grief in a positive way, through talking about and sharing memories of deceased loved ones. The intention of this research is to help bring the dead back to the present, by exploring personal dedications, in a participatory and documentary way, using interviews and photography.



  • Does food play a part in how you remember loved ones that have died?


  • Do you have recipes (oral or written) from loved ones that have died that you recreate?


  • Do you have a personal shrine practice that involves food?


  • Do your religious beliefs incorporate food when remembering the dead or in memorials?


  • Do you ever take food to the final resting place of the deceased or to a memorial?



If you are interested in participating or have any questions please fill in the contact form below. Please note that participants have the right to withdraw from the research at any point.

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