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Personalising Death: Discussions with women working towards a more death literate Scotland 

The image conjured of the funeral profession is that of a primarily male realm. However, across Scotland, it is in fact a large number of women who are proactively trying to change the way that we experience death, dying and bereavement.


This project, which was created into both a book and exhibition, is a collation of interviews I conducted between May and July 2019 with various individual working within the funeral, non-profit, care and art professions. In a variety of ways, these women are bringing the general public information, guidance, support and advice in order for death to be brought back into communities and under the control of individuals. In some ways separating death from formal health and social care services, which although continue to do amazing work, the women interviewed are complimenting that by re-empowering communities and individuals to take control and help each other. Providing people with different choices to go about death their own way.


Hilary, End of Life Doula


Barbara, Founder of Final Fling


Jane, Author and Founder of Before I Go Solutions


Margot, Poet and Storyteller


Rebecca, Director of Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief


Alison, Founder of Compassionate Inverclyde


Jude, Soul Midwife


Brigid, Hospice Worker and Death Cafe Runner


Cheryl, Reverend


Stephanie, Caladonia Cremation


Kate, Founder of Pushing Up the Daisies


Karen, Wicker Coffin Maker


Diana, Writer and Retired Celebrant being cared for at home 

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